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DE PADOVA showroom outfitting ’92 (MI)

outfitting of the DE PADOVA showroom c.so Venezia MI

 There were two Castiglioni interventions at the DE Padova showrom in 1992: in conjunction with the salone del mobile and in the occasion of the Christmas Eve, inaugurating a regular cadence of appointments. In April, white hangings presented reproductions of sketches and formed the backdrops to the new objects of the collection, for which Castiglioni creates special displays: the armchairs were presented on low white circular pedestals, each illuminated by a spotlight; 14 of Castiglioni’s Supermate trays were mounted to form a large wheel, and their supports were stacked up in a tall column; chairs variously upholstered were hung on the two sides of an electro-welded metal grid running all the way to the ceiling. In the Christmas display, a cascade of small bulbs, suspended from three rails (an idea previously used in the Expressions room in 1964), created bright screens between the tables.