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EUROLUCE ’92 and stand FLOS outfitting (MI)

general outfitting EUROLUCE ’92 and FLOS stand MI Fair
(general with P.Cerri /I.Lupi Flos)

Commited by Cosmit to create an exhibition system for the 42 pavilion to give the Euroluce ’92 an unified layout, Castilgioni and Cerri concentrated on two public spaces, located at opposite ends of the building: the entrance and the restaurant. While the entrance area was laid out to an original design, the restaurant was a revised version of the beer kiosk designed in 1959 by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castilgioni. In this version numerous details were redesigned to suit its new location. The plinth was made not of brick but a simple base faced with wooden boards. Since it was set indoors, the pitched roof became a series of fabric hangings, which served to diffuse the light. The central unit was much the same as in the original version though twice as big; but instead of being line with mirrors it was faced with a laminate that provided good refraction and was shatterproof. The entrance area was interpreted as an indoor market square. Raised to the same height as the pavilion, it was studded with the typical features of a piazza: beds of flowers, trees, newsstands, lampposts, benches, and in the middle, a bandstand, a simple cube made of uprights and lintels. What look like big billowing parachutes actually function as refractors of the light from the lamps concealed inside them. For the same event Castiglioni and Italo Lupi also designed the Flos stand.