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general outfitting “EUROLUCE ’94” and stand FLOS

“EUROLUCE ’94” general outfitting and FLOS stand MI Fair

Flos and Arteluce communicate the company’s image by entrusting the exhibition spaces, contained in one only parallelepiped, to the couple of designers Achille Castiglioni and Rodolfo Dordoni. Countinuous surfaces, constructed by modular elements, divide the containers into two equal areas and a central gallery, closed in its background, which hosts the trading spaces; regular openings allow the diagonal crossing. Over the wood pavement, Castiglioni create a motionless dance of standard lamps: as protagonists, his reedited Luminator (1995) and Rosy Angelis (Philippe Starck, 1994). The ground lamps were arranged alternately in parallel rows to the longer side of the interior, coming closer as to create a diagonal alternated lines of equal objects. Faced with mirrors, the background wall amplifies the stage, while the one that separates the gallery becomes a fifth wall with photographic portraits of the two designers. In his general installation on the fair space for the event, Castiglioni brings back the beer-kiosk from the 1992 Euroluce edition.