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In this set, in white decorated porcelain, the formal characteristic is highlighted by the circular shape. The dimension was chosen between the normal and traditional size of the domestic and hotel use. Bavero is proposed in tableware service, coffee service and tea service.

The tableware service is composed by dinner plate, soup plate, quarter plate (an intersection of the soup and dinner plate, suitable above all to certain “primi” of the Lombard cuisine), breakfast bowls, oval serving dish and tureen. The thicknesses is important: quite wide, finished internally by a raised curb that forms a barrier for the fingers in the action of giving.

The traditional models for the coffee cup, slightly as a chalice, for the teacup and teapot the attention is focused onthe handgrip parts. The handle of the teapot, coffeepot and milk jar is a simple portion of a circle with a constant section, that, as all the handles of the mugs and the caps, offers to the fingers an identic ring, comfortable to hold